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When trying to generate release notes with semantic-release, it is assuming you are using the angular commit message format.

It expects your commit messages are using # as the issue prefix format and referencing the issue URL ${YOUR_REPO_BASE_URL}/issues/${ISSUE_NUMBER_AFTER '#'}

So as an example, if you have Fix #12 in your…

If you are using Strapi as your blogging platform like I do, probably you have spent time searching for images from different image sharing platforms such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Giphy for your blog posts.

This could be a time-consuming process including preparing the proper attribution, downloading the images, and…

Different ways dealing with Sharepoint listing API throttling

Sharepoint online listing API will throttle your request and throw a 429 error when your request is querying:

a) more than 5,000 records for non-indexed columns

or b) more than 20,000 records for indexed columns

Sharepoint does not officially announce the figures above but it is the case as of…

When dealing with the development on AWS, we rely heavily on the serverless framework mainly because of its capability to simulate the Lambda environment and debug locally.

Instead of using ES6 JavaScript, we decided to use TypeScript to surface some errors at build time.

There is a plugin called serverless-plugin-typescript

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash


I am a software developer who has been working on Agile software development. There are a lot of scenarios that bring me to the questions — Am I doing the right thing? Is it what we supposed to do according to the agile principles?

For Strapi version 3.0.0-beta.19.5 or before

Recently I am exploring the features of one of the most famous headless CMS open-source platforms — Strapi. In case you are new to Strapi, here is a short description of them

Strapi comes from the word Bootstrap, and helps Bootstrap your API

Strapi is a flexible, open-source Headless CMS…

Looking for an opensource project to contribute to can be a painful process, here is my story searching for it.

There are several criteria that I deem important when searching for an open-source project

  1. Tech stack

I would say I will be more comfortable with if the open-source project itself fits the tech stack that I am working on daily. I can learn a lot throughout my contribution while it…

For Strapi version 3.0.0-beta.20 onward

All you need to do is to create a file at extensions/upload/config/settings.json


  1. Install strapi-provider-upload-cloudinary
yarn add strapi-provider-upload-cloudinary

2. Update extensions/upload/config/settings.json

"provider": "cloudinary",
"providerOptions": {


  1. Install strapi-provider-upload-aws-s3
yarn add strapi-provider-upload-aws-s3

2. Update extensions/upload/config/settings.json

A little bit of background

The first job I landed was a Business Analyst role. As a bridge between business people and developers, I found it most of the cases I couldn’t understand the pain point of developers. That triggers me to become one of them to know them better. …


Full stack developer

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